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1/8/2012- RMG – Project Europe: Salesians in Slovenia
(ANS – Ljubljana) – The Salesians in Slovenia have just celebrated 110 years of their history. Each month ANS has been presenting the Salesian situation in various European countries as a way of getting to know and understand Project Europe. This month it focusses on Slovenia, which has experienced a great social and political transformation in recent decades.
1/8/2012- Slovenia – Project Europe: Skala, education for street children
(ANS – Ljubljana) – Skala, which means ‘rock’, is a Salesian NGO forming part of ‘Zavod Salesianum’, founded in 1996 by the Slovenian Province. Its purpose is to provide training for the young people who live on the streets, and to promote their overall development.
26/7/2012- RMG – Project for Europe, the next IVth meeting of the Provincials
(ANS – Rome) – Between Friday 30 November and Sunday 2 December, at the “Salesianum” in the Generalate in Rome, IVth meeting of the Provincials of Europe will be held to assess the progress made in terms of the Project for Europe which the Salesian Congregation officially launched in January 2009.
24/7/2012- Italy – Project for Europe: seventh meeting of the Commission
(ANS – Turin) – The Commission for the Project for Europe met between 21 and 23 July at Turin Valdocco; the seventh meeting since it was set up by the Rector Major on 31 January 2009. Since Fr Ivan Marianovic, Provincial of Croatia has completed his term of office his place was taken by Fr Mark Tips, Provincial of North Belgium.
3/7/2012- Ireland – PE: The story of the inventor of Tactico - Football Edition
(ANS – Dublin) – Mark O’Callaghan is today a successful businessman. This would have been difficult to imagine 30 years ago when as a result of family problems Mark moved into “Don Bosco House” in Clontarf. It is a success story involving contributions by the Irish Salesians and other religious.
3/7/2012- Ireland - PE The social, youth and church scene
Fr Patrisk Hennessy, Vice Provincial of the "St Patrick" Province offers a take on the social, youth and church scene in Ireland. A picture resulting from surveys and the perspectives opening up for the Church and for the Salesian mission.
3/7/2012- RMG – PE: The future of Salesian Ireland: challenges and hopes
(ANS – Rome) – In the context of Project for Europe, in this month of July the analysis of the youth situation in the Old Continent focuses on Ireland: a country with a strong Catholic tradition but at present experiencing great changes.
4/6/2012- Portugal – PE: A Social-sporting School for the disadvantaged
(ANS – Funchal) – The Social-sporting School of the Salesians at Funchal, the result of an agreement between the Real Madrid Foundation, promoting the project and the Salesian “Sant’Antonio” Province is coming to the end of its first year. On the island of Madeira, where the star of Real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo was born, the Sons of Don Bosco are helping other “champions” of life to grew up.
4/6/2012- Portugal – PE: Educating with love, the “Solsal” Project
(ANS – Lisbon) – In Portugal since 2008 there has been the “SolSal” – Salesian Solidarity Project – aimed at responding to the needs of children and young people and supporting families in the education and development of their children. It provides professional consultation services and parents of various nationalities avail of its services.
4/6/2012- RMG – PE: Young people and Salesians in Portugal
(ANS – Roma) –Portugal is the fifth country in Europe for which ANS is presenting information regarding the youth scene: a changing one in which the young still need accompaniment, educational models and credible examples. In these areas the Portuguese Salesians are playing their part.
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