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3/12/2012- RMG – PE: New Evangelisation in Europe: address by Archbishop Fisichella
(ANS – Rome) – An address by Archbishop Salvatore Fisichella, President of the Pontifical Council for Promotion of New Evangelisation, opened the working sessions for Provincials from Europe at their 4th combined meeting, on Saturday 1st December.
3/12/2012- RMG – PE: 4th Meeting concludes, work continues
(ANS – Rome) - Project Europe’s (PE) future was the topic for the final session of the 4th meeting of Provincials in Europe who have been at the Generalate from 30 November until 2 December. The Mother General, Yvonne Reungoat, her Vicar, Sr Emilia Musatti, and Councillors for the Salesian Family and Youth Ministry, Sisters Miranda and Maria del Carmen Canales respectively, were also in attendance; it was a sign of how PE also needs to involve the Salesian Family.
3/12/2012- RMG – PE: attention to migrants; data and intercultural commitment
(ANS – Rome) – The third working session for Provincials from Europe saw the presentation of research carried out on “Attention to migrants and the Salesian Mission in multicultural societies in Europe”, research carried out by Fr Vito Orlando, lecturer in Social Pedagogy and Vice Rector of the Pontifical Salesian University in Rome.
30/11/2012- RMG – PE: Provincials in Europe at work
(ANS – Rome) – The 4th Meeting of Provincials in Europe began in the early afternoon today, 30th November. Topics will be developed over these days that will help to take stock of the situation and to relaunch Project Europe, initiated by the Salesian Congregation in January 2009, in harmony with to the times and the journey of the Church.
27/11/2012- RMG – Attention to migrants and the Salesian Mission: What the Salesians are doing for migrants in Europe
(ANS – Rome) – Research on "Attention to migrants and the Salesian Mission in multicultural societies in Europe" will be presented on Saturday, December 1st, as part of the 4th meeting of Provincials in Europe; a survey that highlights the commitment of the Salesian Congregation towards migrants in the European Provinces; a collection of best practices, opportunities and major challenges for the next targeted European journey.
26/11/2012- Croatia – PE: Beginnings, development, difficulties and rebirth
(ANS – Zagreb) – The ANS focus on the Salesian presence in Europe this month is dedicated to Croatia. Here, the Salesians have fulfilled their educational mission in political and social circumstances which were almost always very difficult. But almost 100 years after their arrival they are still clearly present among the youth, engaged in many projects and planning for the future.
6/11/2012- RMG – PE: Young people before any other consideration. The Salesians in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina
(ANS – Rome) – Social inclusion, employment, globalization and the relationship with tradition ... are some of the challenges that await young Croats and those from Bosnia and Herzegovina, countries that make up the province "St. John Bosco" (CRO). To help young people confront these challenges, focusing on education, there are the Salesians. ANS, within Project Europe, focuses the attention on this reality.
6/11/2012- Croatia – PE: the challenges of the young
Also in Croatia, young people are called upon to win, like their peers from other European countries, the new challenges posed by society and culture. This is what educators, and therefore also the Salesians, must consider in order to listen to and walk together with the young.
4/10/2012- Malta – PE: the vocational accompaniment of young people
(ANS – Dingli) – You can’t fully understand the Salesian youth pastoral work unless you consider the great efforts put into in the vocational accompaniment of young people. A constant responsibility that is accomplished through big events, like the "Boscofest", and the long-term youth activities.
3/10/2012- Malta – PE: Salesian commitment for the young
(ANS – Sliema) – The archipelago of Malta, due to its geographical position, has always been a meeting point between different cultures. It is wholly part of the European reality, an EU Member State since 2004, and, in terms of the Salesians, participant of ‘Project Europe’. Starting from today and for the next few days, we will be publishing some elements to get to know the real situation of youth and the Salesian commitment in this country.
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