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26/5/2011- Italy – Novices from Europe: called to give their lives for the young
(ANS – Pinerolo) – Valdocco and the places where Don Bosco lived and worked was once again this year, for the third time the location for the meeting of Salesian Novices from Europe. In the context of the Project for Europe this meeting is intended to help the Novices and their formation personnel to know the particular features and the diversity of the charism and to acquire a European mentality.
17/5/2011- Italy – Communication and Project for Europe: a strategic double
(ANS – Genzano) – The meeting at Genzano Rome, between 12 and 15 May for Social Communication Delegates and the Reference Persons for the Project for Europe, followed two parallel topics: the Salesian Social Communication System (SSCS) and the Project for Europe (PE). At the end the Councillor for Social Communication, Fr Filiberto Gonzαlez, sent a letter to the Provincials of Europe to encourage them to take on board the issues considered and the implementation of some of the practical decisions taken by those present.
16/5/2011- Germany – Young people in Northern Europe and the charism of Don Bosco
(ANS – Aschau-Waldwinkel) – The youth and the socio-educational situation of northern Europe were the background to the Team Visit to the Atlantic-German zone of the North Europe Region. The validity and the value of Salesians, called to be spiritual men, prophets at the service of a secular, pluralist and post-modern society were confirmed.
9/5/2011- Germany – Team Visit: Northern Europe, Atlantic-German zone
(ANS – Aschau–Waldwinkel) – Yesterday evening the Salesian community at Aschau-Waldwinkel, in the south east of Germany, welcomed those taking part in the Team Visit for the Atlantic-German zone of the Northern European Region. The meeting, which will end on 13 May, will consider proposals for a new arrangement of Provinces in this part of the Congregation.
30/3/2011- Czech Republic – Voluntary Service bringing Europe together
(ANS – Prague) – At the weekend of 25 to 27 March at Kobylisy, a suburb of Prague, there was a seminar on Salesian Voluntary Service which served for the better understanding of the dynamics of Voluntary Service.
22/12/2010- RMG – Project for Europe: interventions for 2011-2012
(ANS – Rome) – The Rector Major and his Council have approved the interventions of the Project for Europe in the two year period 2011-2012. The document, drawn up during the recent III Meeting of the Provincials of Europe, was reviewed and finalised by the Commission for the Project for Europe (PE). The other Provinces and the Salesian Family are asked for their involvement in the fundamental factor: new evangelisation.
6/10/2010- RMG – Salesian Education in Europe
(ANS – Rome) – At last any day now the Salesian houses all round the world should be receiving a box with 2 DVD, a summary of the III European Congress on Salesian Schools and Technical Vocational Training.
21/7/2010- Poland – III Meeting of the Commission for the Project for Europe
(ANS – Czestochowa) – Between 16 and 19 July the Commission for the Project for Europe (PE) met in Czestochowa, guests of the local Salesian community and of the “Sowa” Youth Centre. The specific agenda for this third meeting was preparation for the meeting of European Provincials to be held in Rome between 26 and 28 November.
8/7/2010- RMG – Choosing the logo for the Project for Europe
(ANS – Rome) – On the eve of the next meeting of the Commission for the Project for Europe, scheduled for 16-18 July at Czestochowa the Social Communication Department is seeking opinions about the proposals sent in for this important process which the Salesian Congregation officially launched in 2009.
27/5/2010- Italy – European meeting of Salesian novices
(ANS – Pinerolo) – Between 21 and 25 May, coinciding with the meeting of Salesian Bishops with the Rector Major and his Council there was a European meeting for Salesian novices. The event took place in the context of the Project for Europe, with which the Congregation intends to face up to the current challenges to Christianity in the Old Continent.
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