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11/10/2010 - RMG - “Why become a missionary?”
Photo for the article -RMG – “WHY BECOME A MISSIONARY?”
(ANS – Rome) – Two weeks after the solemn departure ceremony for the 141st Missionary Expedition, new contributions from people involved in that event provide food for thought on being missionaries nowadays.

Missioni Don Bosco has produced a new version of the video summary of the Harambée 2010 and the ceremony of the giving of the crucifix to the missionaries of the 141st Expedition. In this version, longer and more detailed than the previous one, some interviews especially repeat very clearly the need for missionaries in the present day.

“Why become a missionary?” Fr Václav Klement, General Councillor for the Missions also asked himself the question while he accompanied the Salesians who were preparing for the expedition. In the first place, Fr Klement says, sending missionaries “is an expression of the Catholic Church and of the catholicity and  of the Universality of the Congregation.”

On his part, Fr Vittorio Castagna, an Italian Salesian priest who was  sent on  26 September as a missionary to Guatemala, says that he chose this apostolate of the missions because he felt the urge of a great enthusiasm, after having watched “videos and films about the mission  lands” and  “having listened to missionaries who returning to Italy told us about their experiences.” Afterwards and after praying he came to understand that, in his particular case, following Don Bosco meant going on the missions: “Da mihi animas,” – he explains on the video – “ for me in practice meant leaving for far-off lands which I had not chosen but which I accepted.”

Like Fr Castagna,  Fr Simplice Tchoungang, chose to leave as a missionary, pursuing a journey from Africa to Europe which until a few years ago was unimaginable. “It is important to evangelise the world to the ends of the earth.” Using a happy metaphor Fr Tchoungang compares the Gospel to a song, but as he says, “in Europe some people have forgotten the words while others know the  words but they don’t sing the song any more.”

Finally, in the video, Fr  Pascual Chávez emphasises the importance of the missions also today. The Rector Major of the Salesians invites people not to see the theme of the next Strenna as just a slogan, “Come and see,” but to make use of the many places the Salesian world  offers, such as the Salesian Youth Movement and Voluntary Service to increase this outreach to others.

The full video is available on the ANSChannel.

Published 11/10/2010

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