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18/12/2015 - Brazil - The São José educational community completes the reforestation of a park

(ANS - Campinas) - The São José educational community in Campinas - which includes the school, the ETEC Technical Institute and a section of UNISAL - has just completed the reforestation of a part of the Ecological Park in Campinas, in order to protect the water source in the area and so preserve the city's water supply. According to those in charge, thousands of seedlings of native trees were planted in October. In a few years’ time the area will become a segment of the forest.

"Interestingly, the source also supplies an ecological recreation centre on this site, which, thanks to the voluntary work of the teachers and students, allows children to interact with toys made from recyclable material," said Fr Dilson Passos Júnior, Rector of the Salesian Community..

To contribute to the protection of groundwater and avoid water scarcity, the educational community of São José has been authorized by the Secretariat for Ecological and Sustainable Development to remove the ancient pines present at the commercial farm of the school.

This is because the pine trees absorb large amounts of groundwater. The species there which comes from Florida (USA), has a very deep and aggressive root system, produces a resin that causes acidification and dryness of the soil, and facilitates the development of anthills.

"At present the forest area is quite busy with large number of students circulating as well as other pedestrians and vehicles. If these trees were to fall they could cause serious injury to people and huge damage to property. For the welfare and safety of students and the community surrounding the school, it has become necessary to remove them," says Fr Passos.

To compensate for the removal of the pines, the Secretariat for Ecological and Sustainable Development has been calling for the planting of seedlings of native trees in the Brazilian rain forest, to facilitate integration with the fauna of the region, on the basis of a draft reforestation technique in keeping with Brazilian environmental legislation and approved by the environment agency

According to Bro. Marcelo Oliveira dos Santos, SDB, the educational community of São José is responsible for the maintenance of this new segment of the forest for as long as the seedlings need attention, that is for about two years.

Published 12/18/2015

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