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9/7/2014 - Japan - Fr Mickey and the value of surprise

(ANS – Nakatsu) -The theme of the 2015 strenna recently unveiled by the Rector Major invited Salesians to be like Don Bosco. Here we have a figure of holiness so impressive and versatile that there are many different ways to be like him. One way is that developed by Fr Petro Yasutaka Muramatsu, Rector and Economer of the Salesian house of Nakatsu, but better known as a magician under the name of Fr Mickey. Here is a summary of an interview he gave recently:

How and when did you start with magic?

When I was a little child I watched a magic show on TV with my family and it gave me a big surprise and left a strong impression on me. I got to know that there was joy and pleasure in surprising people. I also came to think that I would like to become someone who pleased and delighted people.

Then when I was ten years old, I performed a cheap trick alone for the first time at a class party at elementary school. My mother had bought me a book on magic, so I decided to put it into practice. But I didn’t want to be a magician. I had already decided to be a priest since 'graduating' from my Catholic kindergarten!

Following this I forgot about magic and I didn’t do magic anymore until I was a university student. But when, as an aspirant, I read a book about Don Bosco I used to think that I wanted to be like him – a priest entertainer, if you like.

This is a fascinating apostolic activity. What are its results?

  1. You can share joy with every generation. They all love it - from kids to the elderly.
  2. It is a way of sharing God's message, which we can express in various ways, such as: “God is always with us.” “All we need is hope to live, and God provides it for us.” “Even if the blessing of God is not a foregone conclusion, it is always there.” “Family should be one.” And so on.
  3. Magic is memorable and leaves a strong impact.

What gave you the idea of sharing it on YouTube?

Magic on Youtube is also a good way of giving a magic class. That’s why I use YouTube. I note that it is effective as a way of introducing my Gospel Magic. (…) I do the editing work myself, normally it takes about 3-4 weeks.

Any future dreams for Gospel Magic?

Yes - setting up a Gospel magician team, proclaiming the Gospel message through magic, sharing good ideas to perform, writing a Gospel Magic 'Bible' or book on how to perform Gospel Magic. I find doing magic easy but getting  the message across is much more difficult. I would also like to help form Gospel magician priests and  religious.

Any message for the young people of Japan?

Everyone is given a special talent by God. Find it and polish it. Harness the talent given by God. Don't use your talents to satisfy yourself, but use them to help God and do His will. By doing so, you could make people happy. And you will notice that you are also happy without being aware of it. It is important to humbly pray: Lord! Please, use me that your will be done”.

Fr Mickey’s magic tricks can be seen on the YouTube channel: Mickey Muramatsu.

Published 09/07/2014

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