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23/9/2015 - Italy - The second generation, citizenship and integration

(ANS - Rome) - In early September the Salesians started a project called "ALL MY CITY” for teenagers who are second-generation children of immigrants. The project will run for one year in sixteen different locations throughout Italy. The aim is to listen to the young people and try to understand their point of view and what they think of the places where they live - the city, the school, society and their own homes.

The project will involve192 teenagers aged between 14 and 18 who are at risk of social exclusion. They are second generation Italians, children of immigrants who were born in Italy or who came there before the age of six. They live in places where there are Salesian centres for young people or they attend their activities.

The educational aim of the project, and the challenge it faces, is to develop the listening skills of these young people who are the future of society. They will be given the opportunity to express themselves, using different languages ​​and communication channels, and they will play an active role in the project. They will work together with adults as field researchers and they can try their hand at reporting, describing, narrating, photographing, filming their living spaces, without always being translated and interpreted by adults. They will work instead with their Italian peers, in a process of inclusion and diversity that will enrich society and culture.

The innovative idea of ​​the project lies in decentralizing the figure of the adult so that teenagers can speak for themselves about what it means "to be second generation", about their identity as migrants and about the conflict that often arises with others who live nearby, but do not interact with them. Through the technique of reporting, the young people will have an experience of "building paths to citizenship". They will also seek ways of integration with their peers, with the help of shared activities, dialogue and also conflict mediation.

The project will be managed by the Salesians in collaboration with partner associations (Socio-Cultural Youth groups, Cineclubs and the Youth Tourism Association). It was made possible by the contribution of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy and the support of various donors.

Published 23/09/2015

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