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8/8/2014 - Italy - The Emergency: Unaccompanied Minors: over 2000 missing children

(ANS - Rome) - Of the migrants arriving on Italian shores a fifth are minors, and many of these come alone. The latest data provided by the National Report on Unaccompanied Foreign Minors, updated on 30 May 2014 by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, speak of more than 2,155 missing children out of the reported 7,182 minors.


The same report shows that out of the 517 girls, 176 are missing and hence can no longer be protected from abuse, violence and exploitation.

"Children and young people are placed in inadequate facilities and are unprotected when they often manage to escape," the Ombudsman for children, Vincenzo Spadafora, said last April, after a visit to the port of Augusta, one of the destinations of Boat Migrants on their way to Italy.

Children, and young men and women, without any point or person of reference, in the absence of adequate psychological assistance and legal protection, who end up getting away from shelters become easy targets by organized crime.

The Salesians of Italy strive daily to preserve the memory of Don Bosco by accepting minors who are marginalized or in family difficulties. They do this through community education- skills training and foster homes for children, scattered throughout the country.

In both cases, the young are greeted with familiarity and attention, providing education on an ongoing basis; the difference lies only in the fact that in the 31 foster homes managed by the Salesians is the stable presence of a family that offers completely their own time and life for these youth.

Through the Association "Salesiani per il Sociale" the sons of Don Bosco in Italy have also committed themselves to put pressure upon competent organizations to combat the roots of the scourge of abandoned young immigrants. In particular, three points were brought up to the Government: the reduction of stays in temporary shelters, the speeding up procedures and a friendly and sustainable accommodations.

Posted on 08/08/2014

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