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2/4/2015 - Yemen - To leave or to stay, while war rages

(ANS - Aden) – Yesterday 1 April clashes intensified in Aden, Yemen. The rebels entered the city but, according to Reuters, they withdrew partially in the last hour, because of the massive bombing by the coalition led by Saudi Arabia. In Mukalla, some 500 kilometers to the east, 300 prisoners escaped in a raid orchestrated by a group of militiamen. One Salesian remains in Aden and he is unsure of what to do.

He says:

In the past days, last week, I remained in the comfort of the presbytery interacting and supporting those who called on me, either through phone or whatsapp. Most of them wanted to know about my safety and the situation around here. They also reported to me about the number of people brought into the hospitals soaked in blood with bruises and with missing limbs…

During the last days, there was war here - roads blocked, shops closed and the air-port shut… with the sound of bomb-blasts and gun-shots...  with the inevitable lootings…

On last Sunday, since some roads were open, a vehicle was arranged for me to go to the sisters’ convent around 17 kms away from here. I could see that the roads were blocked with various things and people moving around on the roads with guns checking every vehicle…On reaching the convent I said mass for the sisters in the convent chapel with a procession of six of us …!

Last night (31 March - 1April),a shell or a bomb fell in one of the nursing hostels. But none of them were injured. Those nurses were shifted then and there to the hospital. They were  regular in our church and saying  the rosary daily. Recently we had blessed that hostel.

Tonight (1-2 April) they are all on voyage to India. Around 600 of them are on board. Tomorrow (2 April) another ship is arriving at similar time and the Indian government and Kerala government are requesting all Indians to return. UN has asked Srilanka and Ethiopia to evacuate their peoples.

Mc sisters have decided to remain here till death. If my mission is for them, alone I will have to remain with them. The three churches are buildings only. Most church coming faithful are on their way.

Now  I am little confused , whether should I remain on with sisters or go back to India and come back when problems are solved. I cannot guess, nor anyone known to me, be able to tell me, what will happen tomorrow. Anyway, tonight I will spent the night in prayer in our Chapel.

Of course, I am confiding in the heavenly protection of Blessed Mother.

Published 2/04/2015

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