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4/6/2012 - Portugal - PE: Educating with love, the “Solsal” Project
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(ANS – Lisbon) – In Portugal since 2008 there has been the “SolSal” – Salesian Solidarity Project – aimed at responding to the needs of children and young people and supporting families in the education and development of their children. It provides professional consultation services and parents of various nationalities avail of its services.

During 2012, the “SolSal” Project which has a modular programme provided two series of weekly meetings for parents attended by groups of parents of different nationalities led by a special team  of experts.

In the first they considered various topics connected with the welfare of the family such as spirituality, the positive emotions, optimism, humour, trust, gratitude, forgiveness, affection and happiness. This was aimed at building up harmonious individuals and families and helping parents to cope with and overcome daily problems.

The second series was intended to help parents in their role a good fathers and mothers and to help them relate positively to the children.  It therefore dealt with communication and the need for them to be involved in their childrens’  school lives and education.

The “Solsal” Project promotes the importance of good interpersonal and family relationships  in which the parents play a full part in the loving education which develops human and Christian values in the young. In this way  the families and the school can work together in the healthy and happy development of the children.

Teaching with love means building up  a form of education based on solidarity, positive values, affection, hope and faith  and a life lived with God. Teaching with love remains a constant but satisfying challenge for parents and teachers.  The “Solsal” Project is inspired by  Don Bosco who used to say: “It is not enough that young people are loved; they need to know that they are loved.”

Published 04/06/2012

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