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:. F.A.Q

On this page we have gathered together the questions most frequently sent to the editorial office (FAQ).
Going through the list below you can select your question and easily get the answer.
If however we are unable to satisfy you by all means write to the editorial office.

How can I find articles on the ANS site?
How does advanced search work?
In advanced search,what is the purpose of the links 'Search also for'?
How can I find news items prior to 2006?
Can I receive only one newsletter or more newsletters in different languages?
What is meant by Standard version or text only?
What is the difference between Photochronicle and ANS Photo?
Where can I find the images on the site?
It I search the Image Bank will I also find images from the headings of ANS?
F.A.Q. 9 Generally yes. In some cases, however, an image used in ANS may not necessarily become part of the archive of the Image Bank.
What is the Heading Service about?
What are correlated news items?