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15/7/2013 - Philippines - Salesian Post-Novices take Social Communication Course
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(ANS – Canlubang) – Following the directives of the Ratio and the Salesian Social Communication System Handbook, the formators of the Post-Novitiate community in Canlubang have formally integrated the Social Communication Course into their formation program.

To equip the Salesians with the necessary knowledge and skills to educate and evangelize the young people of today, SDB post-novices (FIN and FIS) are being formed in the field of Social Communication. This course, which is considered as one of the integral components of Salesian post-novitiate formation, is taken along with the courses in Philosophy, Catechetics and Salesian Studies.

Although there were short courses and field trips in the past, this is the first time that Social Communication has been formally integrated into the formation program at this particular stage of Salesian formation. Fr Caesar Dizon, SDB, the Vice-Rector and Catechist of the Don Bosco Post-Novitiate Community, conducts this course with the first year Post-Novices every Monday and with the second year confreres every Thursday.

The book ‘Shepherds for an Information Age’ (BOSCOM-INDIA) is one of the reference materials in this course. Each post-novice takes a turn as course leader for the day. One of the course leader's first tasks is to adapt the material to the Philippine context. During the class he does not only provide inputs (power point presentations or video clips) but also leads the students as they carry out the class activities. So far, the classes have been marked by surprising creativity and fun. Each lesson ends with a verification of the achievement of the objectives and an evaluation of the effectiveness of the leader.

The videos and power point presentations used for the lessons are uploaded in the eClassroom site. They may then be used as reference materials by future post-novices. They may also be used for formation sessions for young people we accompany in the youth organizations.

Aside from this formal study, the post-novices will have a whole day seminar and workshop to be given by the Office of Social Communication of the FIN Province sometime in November. Fr. Bernard Nolasco, SDB is the commission head.

Published 15/07/2013

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