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22/7/2011 - RMG - Salesians in Europe: holidays … in West Europe
(ANS – Rome) – The ANS coverage of the Salesians in Europe providing summer breaks for thousands of children and young people continues looking at the Provinces in the West Europe Region.

Play, education and Christian values are closely connected in the Salesian charism, as the summer activities organised by the Salesians clearly show. But in summer 2011 there is a special extra event on the doorstep of the West Europe Region – World Youth Day in Madrid which is involving many Spanish volunteers, the young and the not so young.

Among the traditional activities could be mentioned in particular:

In the “Saint Anthony” Province these days there is the National Camp of the Salesian Youth Movement attended by about  260 young people. Summer centres at Salesian schools and parishes are involving another 700 children and teenagers, while about thirty youth leaders are attending a volunteers camp. The area of formation is being covered in some vocation camps, as well  as camps for educators and a pilgrimage to the places associated with Don Bosco. In addition 5 young adults are serving as missionary volunteers in Angola, Capo Verde and Mozambique.

Spain – León
There are about 150 youngsters divided in two age groups 9-13, and 14-17. taking part in Summer activities. Added to these there are a much larger number of children and teenagers over 1600, in town centres. About 250, on average are also taking part in formation camps such as “Anadina” for children; “Friends of Dominic Savio” for teenagers and catechetics camp for those up to 20 years of age.

Spain – Valencia
In the Province there are 14 Salesian summer camps, each one on average with between 100 and 200 children and teenagers. Depending on the numbers, there are also between 30 and 50 young leaders taking part. There are also 5 summer schools with special extra lessons but also sporting activities. In August there will be “Don Bosco Youth Leaders’ School” a training camp for 90 leaders.

Spain – Bilbao
Divided into age groups in the various summer weeks the Province will be catering in its centres for about 1000 children and youngsters between 10 and 19; another 600  will  be at outdoor camps – at Valgañon, Deusto en Bocos and Lezana de Mena. In addition at the beginning of July a score of youngsters did the Santiago Way, another 30 will be attending the Leaders’ Camp at Logroño, while 5 are engaged as missionaries in Benin and Perù.

Spain – Barcelona
Including summer camps and oratories almost 2500 will be attending Salesian centres. There are also 33 training camps. 14 young people will be spending 4-5 weeks in various Salesian missions.

Spain - Madrid
Aged between 7 and 18 about 1500 will be attending the outdoor camps organised by the Province; in addition 500 will be going to the summer oratory activities in the towns.  400 have signed up for intense English courses at “La Granja” and 100 Youth Leaders for training courses. Finally 10 young adults are spending the summer as missionary volunteers in Perù, Bolivia and Angola.

Published 22/07/2011

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