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18/1/2016 - Nigeria - Hostel at Salesian school in Onitsha destroyed by fire.

(ANS - Onitsha)- The hostel at the Salesian School in Onitsha was reduced to ashes in a devastating fire that took place a few days ago. Fortunately the incident occurred during the day, in the afternoon, so there were no students in the hostel at the time. However, the material damage was huge, everything was lost, including the personal property of the students.

The Fire Brigade arrived, but it was too late. It seems that the cause of the fire was a short circuit. Experts are now making their evaluations to prepare a comprehensive report. Government authorities were informed of the incident and lessons will be suspended probably for about a month.

"We thank God that we do not have to mourn the loss of life," said Fr Jorge Crisafulli, Provincial of the English-speaking Province of West Africa.

The walls of the building were weakened by the excess heat. When we have an estimate of the damage and the cost of rebuilding or replacing the hostel we will be in a position to decide how best to help the Salesian community. Currently, the province does not have the resources to deal with disasters of this magnitude and the community is poor, at the service of the poorest young people of the surrounding area. "Certainly, the Parents’ and Teachers’ Association will try to help, but we cannot expect to be able to renovate the building with their efforts alone." added Fr Crisafulli.

"Pray for us!" he concluded.

Published 18/1/2016

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