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5/8/2014 - RMG - August 5, 1872 - August 5, 2014. FMA Professions
Photo for the article -RMG – AUGUST 5, 1872 - AUGUST 5, 2014. FMA PROFESSIONS

(ANS – Rome) –Right now inMornese, religious profession for new Salesian Sisters (FMA) are taking place. Fr Ángel Fernández Artime, Rector Major, is presiding and copying the moment when Don Bosco did similarly on August 5, 1872, for the first profession of Mary Domenica Mazzarello and her 10 companions. The date is looked upon as the foundation of the Institute. But if August 5 is now considered a thoroughly traditional date, at that time it was a rather original choice …

Don Bosco went to Mornese 11 times between 1864 and 1878, and 1872 was his sixth visit.The new college building was about to be completed but the parish preist's house was yet to be built; this is why Fr Pestarino had to use the house that had been used by the Daughters of Mary Immaculate, which he owned as a temporary presbytery for Fr Valle. The Daughters of the Immaculate, who had been living there until then – they ran a small hostel for orphaned girls, and a dressmaking workshop for village girls. Along with their silk production, they moved into the college finally on the evening of 23 May, 1872.

The Acqui diocese had been minus a bishop since the death of Bishop Contratto, in 1867, and on the Feast of the Epiphany 1872 Bishop Sciandra arrived, but without his placet or certificate of permission from the Government. Since in June 1872 Bishop Sciandra had fallen ill with pneumonia and did not have government permission, he could not avail himself of diocesan funds, so he spent the summer time in Mornese where the college building was about to be completed and the climate was a healthy one.

Meanwhile Don Bosco and Fr Pestarino had realised that it was high time to go ahead with founding the new institute, The Daughters of Mary Help of Christians. The Daughters of Mary Immaculate who they had followed up in a special way, had been advised that their Retreat would begin on August 3 for those who wished to make it, and that for those who had been prepared, August 8 would be the date for their first profession in the new Institute

Don Bosco however had let Bishop Sciandra know that on August 8 he would not be able to take part, and that the professions would have to be made into the hands of the Bishop himself. At the Bishop's insistence, though, he did come to Mornese on the evening of the 4th, and since he could not remain longer, the professions were made on the morning of the 5th. By that evening, Don Bosco had already returned to Turin  for other commitments.

It is interesting to highlight the fact that Mary Mazzarello and her companions took this all in their stride, accepting a new religious habit, profession formula and a new way of life; Don Bosco was part of this and other decisions.

Published 05/08/2014

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